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Welcome!Welcome to the new site for MWD Web.

Our parent company, Matt Weeden Design, LLC, was built as a Web design/development firm. MWD Web is all about the Web too, but we take a much broader approach than simple design and development.

MWD Web takes a high-level view of business. What are your business needs, and how does that translate onto the internet? A pretty site is great, but if it doesn’t convert it isn’t much good. Likewise, if it doesn’t show up on search engines, it’s not going to bring in business.

We approach internet marketing as the complex system that it is. A Web site may be the hub of your online marketing efforts, but it’s also dependent on your activities in SEO, social media, strategic copywriting, list building, mobile engagement, and more.

At MWD Web, we view your online efforts through that holistic lens. And the result is an integrated online marketing strategy that delivers real results.

Welcome to MWD Web. Prepare to thrive.

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