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Discovery Session

When you don't know where to start...

Having quality answers to our project application questions will lay a solid foundation for your project. The better the information we have at the outset, the more sure we can be that the solution we propose will accomplish what you need.

What if you don't have the answers?

First of all, you're not alone. Lots of business owners never take the time to think through these things.

If you've had a look at our project application, you might have a question or three. For example:

  • How do I know who my ideal customer is?
  • How do I define my goals?
  • How do I do competitive research?
  • Where did I leave my car keys?

...OK maybe not that last one.

The point is, if you can't quite figure all this stuff out—never fear!

We're here to help.

We can sit down with you, at your office or virtually, to figure out exactly what you need your new website to accomplish for you. By the time we're finished, you'll have a fully fleshed out project brief.

We'll use that brief to inform our proposal, and ultimately to make sure your new website does what you need it to do for your business.

The process takes about 2 hours from the time we walk in the door to the time we go back to the office to put together the final brief document.

No obligation!

Just because you engage us to help figure out what your website needs, that doesn't mean you're then obligated to work with us to build out the new website.

That's right: you can take your project brief to any other web shop if you choose to do that. Of course we hope you'll stick around, but the option is yours.

How's that for giving you choice?

Start now.

Just fill out the form below to submit your payment and secure your spot.

We'll reach out to you soon to schedule a convenient time.

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In this session you'll discover...

  • Why you're in business; what greater purpose you're trying to achieve (whether you realize it or not!)
  • What your best products or services are that you should be marketing the most
  • Who your perfect customer is, down to their hobbies and interests
  • What specific online marketing goals will really make an impact in your business right away
  • How you can attract your ideal client to your doorstep
  • How you can convert those prospects into paying customers
  • And more!