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"I'm Frustrated With My Website"


If your website is pissing you off, you're not alone.

In fact, more business owners than you'd expect report that they're not satisfied with how their website is performing.

Generally it comes down to one of three problems:

1. Website isn't making money

2. No one can find us on Google

3. I can't make updates on my website

The good news is that solutions exist to each of these problems.

Scroll down to find your particular pain point...

"My website isn't making money for my company."

If your website isn't making money for you, you have one of two problems:

  1. You aren't driving enough qualified leads to your site
  2. Your site is not built to convert visitors into customers

Getting visitors is easy. Anyone can advertise on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and get eyeballs on their website.

Getting qualified leads to your site is a whole different game. To do that you need to understand your target audience better than they understand themselves.

Then once you have them on your website, you need to turn them into customers. Or at the very least convert them into leads you can follow up with.

Both of these things—traffic and conversion—require strategy.

Deploy the right battle plan and you'll be unstoppable.

"No one can find me on Google."

Being invisible makes it awfully hard to get found. You may as well be a single piece of hay in several haystacks.

There are quite a few possibilities why you're not showing up on Google:

  • The technical setup of your website may not be correct
  • Your pages might not be optimized to attract search engines
  • There might be credibility issues (too new/not enough content/not enough incoming links)
  • You might have been hacked (!)

Whatever the case, there are solutions. We can help.

"I can't make updates very easily."

Maybe your current website looks great, but there's not a good mechanism for you to adjust your content.

  • Want to add a new product? You can't do that.
  • Trying to publish a blog post to bring in new traffic? You can't do that.
  • Need to add or remove an employee? Tough luck!

This is like getting a brand new car with the keys locked inside.

It's not going to get you very far.

However long you've had this problem—we can set you up with a car that looks great, runs like a dream, and is easy to drive.

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