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"Internet Marketing Confuses/Overwhelms Me"


There are a lot of online marketing options out there.

A lot.

Many businesses try to play hard in every available venue... but that's a big mistake. Your ideal customer is not hanging out in that many places.

Our three steps to online marketing success:

1. Define your ideal customer

2. Figure out where they hang out online

3. Go there and talk to them the right way

At most you should be focusing on one or two venues. We want to use a sniper rifle, not a shotgun.

1. Define your ideal customer

Know your customer and know yourself, and sales will always be yours.
- Sun Tzu (sort of)


Whatever market you're in, you have an ideal customer profile. The sort of people who you enjoy working with, and who really need what you sell.

Your first job, if you haven't already, is to define this person. Get a very clear picture of them on paper.

We call this creating your "customer avatar," and it's going to be instrumental in entering the conversation they're already having in their head.

Our goal is to have them saying:

"It's like you're reading my mind!"

2. Figure out where they hang out online

Who your ideal customer is will inform where you should go to find them.

The amount of advertising channels and targeting options online these days has grown to the point where you can basically go to the "traffic store."

  • If you need a hacksaw, you go to the hardware store (not the toy store)
  • For an engagement ring, you go to the jeweler (not the grocery store)
  • For windshield wipers, you go to the auto parts store (not the coffee shop)

These are obvious and intuitive everyday examples. Finding your ideal customers takes more thought and research, but it can be done in much the same way.

3. Go there and talk to them the right way

After you've identified your marketing channel, you need to go there and bring some qualified traffic onto your website. You usually do that by placing ads.

Your ad has to provide a compelling reason for people to come visit your website.

You have to be interesting, and you have to offer a solution to a pain or a problem.

  • If you're not interesting, no one will come to your website.
  • If you don't get specific about a pain or problem, you'll just get random traffic instead of qualified leads.
  • If your website doesn't continue the conversation in a way they appreciate, you won't convert your visitors into customers.

There's an art and a science to this whole process. If you're not strategic about it, you can really screw it up—and waste LOTS of money in the process.

Finally: Convert them into customers!

The end goal of all of this is to get more customers for your business.

Once you have people's attention, you need to send them to a website that's strategically built to capture their information, so you can continue guiding them toward a sale.

Done well, it all works like a well-oiled machine to build your revenue.

Ready to boost your revenue? Let's start the conversation!

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