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Get Clarity on Your Online Marketing

Schedule a chat to see if our Online Strategy Breakthrough service is right for you

Get clear on your direction

Uncover hidden obstacles

Gain a map to move toward your goals

The Online Strategy Breakthrough gets you finally moving on the right trajectory.


Get clear on your direction

Once you complete the Online Strategy Breakthrough, you'll have a clear vision for where your business is headed—and how the web can help you get there.


Uncover hidden obstacles

You don't know what you don't know! Beyond just overwhelm, there might be something deeper holding you back that you're not aware of.


Gain a map

You'll come away with newfound confidence, a solid strategy, and an action plan for your next steps to move forward.

How to gain the marketing clarity you need

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    1. Introductory chat

    Book your introductory chat with us and answer a couple quick questions online. We'll talk for about 15 minutes and decide together if you would benefit from the service.

    If we're not a good fit, we'll at least point you in the right direction.

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    2. Deep-dive interview

    If we're a good fit for each other, we'll process payment. Then in a second meeting we'll conduct an in-depth interview with you for 60–90 minutes.

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    3. Go over your report

    A few days after our interview, we'll deliver your Online Strategy Breakthrough report. We'll also go over the results with you in a third meeting.

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    4. Next steps

    Move forward with us, or take what you've learned and work with the web shop of your choice.

Total investment: $500

*This amount gets applied to your project if we move forward together after this process

How does it work?

Let's face it: online marketing can be overwhelming. With all the options out there, it's very easy to get stuck in paralysis of analysis, and not take any action. How can you possibly figure out what you should be doing?

At the same time, you know your website could be making a lot more money for you. If only you knew where to begin.

That's why we created the Online Strategy Breakthrough. It's the first step every one of our clients goes through when they sign up to work with us. At the end you'll come away with a crystal clear understanding of what you need to do next in order to grow your business.

To get clarity on your marketing direction:

  1. (Optional) Watch our short video on how we approach online marketing
  2. Book your quick introductory chat to see if we're a good fit
  3. Complete the deep-dive interview with us
  4. Receive your strategy report and get to work on building your online marketing machine

Without a strategy, you're just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. Or maybe you're not doing anything at all!

By the time you finish the Online Strategy Breakthrough and we hand off your strategy report, you'll know exactly where you stand with your marketing efforts, and exactly what steps you should take next.

The investment for the Online Strategy Breakthrough is $500. If we mutually decide to keep working together at the end, we'll apply that amount toward your total project.

If either of us decides that we're not a fit for each other, you'll have your report as well as everything you learn during our interview. You can take those assets to any good web shop, and it will give them a head start on working with you. Or you can try to implement some of the ideas on your own.

Before we kick off the process, though, we'll have a quick chat to make sure you're in a position to benefit from the service. You don't want to waste your investment! If we're not a good fit, we'll at least point you in the right direction at the end of our call.

Who is it for?

The psychology of the marketing tactics we cover in our done-with-you program are fairly universal.

That said, our program—and, by extension, the Online Strategy Breakthrough—is best suited for this sort of potential partner:


Professional Services

Our done-with-you approach is specifically engineered to build relationships and foster conversations through your website.


2+ Years In Business

This tells us two important things:

  1. You have a real business on your hands, not just a hobby
  2. You have a pretty good idea of who your ideal customer is

In Business to Make an Impact

You're about more than just making money—you're out to make the world a better place in some form.

Step 1 of 2: Book Your Free Introductory Call

This is a short (15-minute) chat to see if the Online Strategy Breakthrough service will be a good fit for you.

If it is, we'll schedule your interview while we're on the call together, and we'll process your payment then.