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Free, on-demand masterclass for small business owners, CEOs, & VPs

Why Small Business Websites Fail

Lots of companies waste thousands of dollars on confusing websites that never turn anyone into a paying customer.

We're going to show you our road map to building a web experience that systematically turns strangers into friends, and friends into customers.

...without working your ass off all day long, or relying on random chance for new business!


Give us one hour, and this free masterclass will reveal:

  • The one crucial thing most small businesses are missing in their websites, and how you can implement it for your company
  • What's wrong with the traditional online marketing model, and what you should do instead
  • Why people don't buy from you (and the simple solution to fix that)
  • The magic trick to put your visitors in the right frame of mind to really hear your message
  • The trap you're falling into that says you don't believe in what you're selling (and how to stop saying that)
  • The exact 3-step process we use with our 1-on-1 clients to predictably attract and sell to the right customers

Trusted by hundreds of businesses, including:


"If you build it, they will come" only works in the movies...


Matt Weeden, presenter

If you're in the 93% of the small business population who's wondering, "Why isn't this whole internet thing working for me?"—I'd like to invite you to attend this free masterclass.

We'll shatter some myths, show you how to work smarter (not harder), and set you on the path to finally getting real value out of your online assets.