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Website Care Plans

Keep Your Website Secure

...and making money for your company


You've got a website you've invested lots of time and money into in order to make it into a revenue-producing asset.

As long as it's doing its job, everything is smooth sailing. It runs, engages with your customers, and makes money for your company. Not a cloud in the sky!

But what if that asset suddenly stops working?

Picture this...

One day, you discover that your web address is redirecting to someone else's site. An adult videos site, say, or maybe a website that attacks your visitors with viruses.

Perhaps you find that no one can access your website because it's been locked down with ransomware, and the hackers are demanding an exorbitant sum to restore it.

Maybe sensitive personal details about your customers start showing up online for sale to the highest bidder.

Or maybe your website just ceases to exist.

Or, maybe no one receives your emails anymore. And it turns out that your IP address has been flagged as a spammer, because someone broke in and installed spambot software. You've been sending out thousands of spam emails every day without even realizing it!

Imagine the panic and the frustration that sets in immediately. Imagine the feeling of powerlessness. Imagine the potential liability, both legal and financial, that your company faces for losing customers' personal details.

How much would something like this cost your business?

Would you even be able to stay in business?

No matter how you look at it—let's be honest—you're up the proverbial creek!

Now Imagine You Had a Crack Web Team On Your Side Keeping You Safe

Every day, you log on to your website and you find that absolutely nothing has gone wrong. In fact, while you were out of the office overnight, a few new leads or sales came in. This is great! Your website is doing its job as your 24/7 employee.

Once a month, you also get a report on your website's activities delivered to your inbox. In this report, you see several interesting points:

  • Your team fixed a newly discovered security problem, preventing a potential calamity;
  • Your website's been protected from scores of attacks in the last 30 days;
  • You have a repository of backups stored in a secure off-site location—the latest taken just yesterday—so if anything ever does go wrong you'll be back up and running in no time with minimal revenue lost.

After glancing at your report you file it away, and then you comfortably and confidently get on with your day of growing your business. Or perhaps going to the golf course, or taking that hike you've been thinking about for a while.

Which scenario would you rather experience?

Introducing Website Care Plans

For those who chose scenario #2, you're in luck!

We offer Website Care Plans to all clients after we've completed the build of your website. After all, we spent a lot of time on your project too—we'd hate to see anything happen to your website!

Every Website Care Plan comes with an array of services. We deploy enterprise-grade software and our own diligent work to keep you and your website in business.

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Includes everything from the Silver Plan, plus:

Platinum Plan

Includes everything from the Gold Plan, plus:

Even if we didn't build your site initially, we may still be able to get you taken care of with a Website Care Plan. We'll run a Website Evaluation to learn more about your website, how it was built, and any potential problems that may come up.

If we're a good match for your website, we'll conduct a thorough Website Security Audit to bring your site up to best security practices, and after that we'll deploy our care plan.

Contact us and we'll see what we can work out.

P.S. These care plans can also be great for your own clients if you're an agency in a related field. We'll gladly white-label our services for you, just like we do with our custom development solutions.

Ready to set us loose on your website?

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"I need experts like you!"

The phrase "vulnerability that had the potential to wipe out your site" is the absolute #1 reason I need someone like MWD Web who are experts with all this to make sure nothing bad happens. Thanks as always for keeping the website safe and running smoothly!"

- Brooke Davis, Roots of Abundance

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