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About Us

Really this page should be about you instead of us.

After all, who cares that we've...

  • been in business since 2008
  • worked with hundreds of clients
  • built dozens and dozens of websites from scratch

Any good corporate website worth its salt is more focused on what the company can offer to its valued customers (that's you), not how amazing said company might be.

So we're not going to try to dazzle you here with stories of our awesomeness. (Awesomenity? State of awesomehood?)

But you might like to know just who you're getting involved with when you engage us. To put a face on the company, so to speak.

So, this page is in fact going to be about you; specifically, what you're going to get when you hire us to work on your website.

Who We Are


Matt Weeden


Matt's the guy you'll usually find lodged behind the computer building some new web tool—either grinning like an idiot or swearing up a storm, depending on how the code is cooperating.

Or, he's in front of the camera creating new marketing videos or training for our clients.

Either way, he likes to think he's come a long way from the early days of building websites in... ahem... DreamWeaver. Hey, look, what's that over there?

Whether building it himself or overseeing our team, Matt is responsible for making sure you get maximum value out of your dollar with us.

Favorite activities include holding the laptop up to people's faces and saying "Hey look what I did!" You get used to it.


Angela Weeden

Operations Manager

Angela keeps everyone on the same page between our staff, our vendors, and our clients.

She's also the one who sends you threatening emails (with a smile) if you don't pay your invoice on time.

As a matter of interest, she may or may not have a cousin named Vinny who has access to a crowbar.

Skills include:

  • Getting $#!t done
  • Top-notch attention to detail
  • Nodding and smiling when Matt gets to talking about web stuff

Extended Team

As needed, we partner with some of the top talent in the industry to bring your website and marketing to life.

Our virtual team includes:




search engine optimization experts

marketing professionals you're always in good hands!*

(*Not affiliated with any other "in good hands" company; any similarity to any other company promising you will be "in good hands" is entirely coincidental and unintentional and CERTAINLY not an attempt to violate anyone's trademarks. In other words, please don't sue us!)

What We Believe

1. Excellence, Integrity, and Honor

This is our driving force.

It informs every decision we make.

What does that mean for you? We could spend several hours breaking down all the ways we live this out, but here are a few specific things:

  1. We are committed to delivering a superior product and experience
  2. We want to make sure you benefit tremendously from your involvement with us
  3. We will only take on projects where we KNOW we can deliver a home run
  4. We will always be open and transparent; when we say we'll do a thing, we do it

2. Creating Value

Similar to point #2 above, we want to make sure that you get value out of your relationship with us.

Rather than focus on ROI (Return On Investment), our concern is VOI (Value On Investment). Value isn't always monetary!

We judge the value we provide by two metrics:

  • Your monetary benefit (because often value IS monetary)
  • Your sanity and peace of mind

When these both come together, the value to your company skyrockets.

Stop guessing and wasting money! Follow our process and start thriving today.