Our Process


We've been at this for a long time, and we've distilled our process for building a new website down to a few simple steps.

What that means for you is:

  • You can see at a glance what the process will be like before we get started.
  • You can see where we are in the process at any point during the execution of your project.

If we're a good fit for each other, we'll deploy this process on your new website project.

How It Works


Phase 1: Discovery

This step sets the stage for your entire project. Before we even sign a project agreement, we dig deep to find out everything we can about your business, your customers, your market, and your potential strategies.

It’s not the sexiest part of the process, but the work we do here will set up the rest of the project for success.


Phase 2: Site Map

With our goals firmly established, we’ll work with you to plan out how the website should be structured.

Efficient communication with your site visitors is key, and this is where we map it all out.

Here is an example of a site map we built for a recent project.


Phase 3: Content

Next we need compelling words on all those pages we just mapped out. Those words need to inspire your site visitors to take the actions we want them to take.

After all, how your words make people feel is even more important than how you look.

We’ll work with you to create the content, or you can hire us directly to write messaging that will achieve your goals.


Phase 4: Prototype

Now it’s time to build out the initial, rough-draft blueprint of the website.

Trying to explain our solution in words invariably leads to confusion. What we do instead is construct a bare-bones prototype that you can look at and interact with in the browser.

We’re not worried about the design of the site at this point—what we’re after is to get all the pieces in generally the right place.

Here is an example of the prototype built from the above site map.


Phase 5: Design

At last, the fun part!

Now we get to break out the art supplies and bring life to the interactive prototype we created, to match your branding.

Here’s the above prototype website, fully designed.


Phase 6: Development

Once you’ve signed off on the website structure, the content, and the design, we’ll stop pestering you for a while and build the complete website on our development server.


Phase 7: Testing & Launch

Before launch, we go through a thorough process of cross-browser compatibility testing and debugging.

Once we’re done and you’ve signed off on the final product, we migrate it over to your server.

After that, you’re live!

You’ll receive a comprehensive video tour of your new website so that you can log in and edit your content as much and as often as you’d like.


Phase 8: Post-Launch Support

Lastly we provide a 30-day support window where we’ll knock out any bugs and other troubleshooting that may crop up.

After 30 days, you’ll roll over to one of our Website Care Plans so that you’re sure your website:

  • stays online
  • continues engaging with your audience
  • and makes money for your company

We’ll also deploy any ongoing marketing efforts at this point to drive traffic to your site, and convert that traffic into business. Internet marketing is where the real magic happens!

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