Our Process


We've been at this for a long time, and we've distilled our process for launching a new marketing initiative down to a few simple steps.

What that means for you is:

  • You can see at a glance what the process will be like before we get started.
  • You can see where we are in the process at any point during the execution of your project.

If we're a good fit for each other, we'll deploy this process on your new website project:

How It Works

Phase 1: Discovery

Also known as: we do a ton of listening and writing.

To get the best results with your project, we need to figure out exactly what you need right now to see the biggest difference in your business.

We'll spend a total of about four hours meeting with you (spread out over a few days) and asking tough questions.

You might never have thought to wonder about the things we go over, and a lot of it might be challenging to answer. But we'll guide you through it!

Phase 2: Strategy

Once we have your answers to our litany of questions, we hit the drawing board to figure out exactly what strategy and tactics are best for your business at this point in time.

Then we'll meet up again to go over the results with you, explain our recommendations, and make sure that everything makes sense.

At this point, whether we mutually decide to proceed together or not, you'll have a complete, actionable strategy; a road map to where you're trying to go.

Phase 3: Doing All the Stuff

If we mutually decide MWD Web is the right fit to implement your recommended solution from Phase 2, we move into the very technically-titled "Doing All the Stuff" phase.

During this phase, we take action on all the things we agreed should be done.

In most cases, an online marketing plan includes building a new website, or making additions and tweaks to an existing site. This is the part that most people have in mind when they think of the typical "building a website."

Phase 4: Completion

Before launching a new website (assuming that's part of our final project), we go through a thorough process of cross-browser compatibility testing and debugging.

We also finish up any outstanding to-dos on the marketing side, and get your approval on those.

Once we're done and you've signed off on the final product, we migrate the website over to your server and deploy your online marketing initiatives.

At that point, you're live!

Phase 5: Hand-Off and Ongoing Support

Once the project is officially complete, we're not done yet! (You didn't think you'd get rid of us that easily, did you?)

In our 30-day post-launch support window, we'll knock out any bugs and other troubleshooting that may crop up.

If your project includes a new website, you'll receive a comprehensive video tour so that you can log in and make changes as much and as often as you'd like.

Then, depending on what your project entails, you might roll over to a Website Care Plan and/or an ongoing marketing service package.


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