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Marketing Success Roadmap

If you can follow three simple steps, you can leverage the internet to systematically turn strangers into friends, and friends into customers:


1. See if we're a fit

Your journey to boosting your sales and your impact begins by applying to work with us.

Our done-with-you service isn't a perfect match for everybody. So, we want to make sure you're in a good position to reap as much benefit as possible from what we provide.

Every client begins with our Online Strategy Breakthrough service for $500.

When we're finished, you'll go from having no idea what you should do next, to having a map to move toward your goals—whether you continue to work with us or not.

The Online Strategy Breakthrough starts with a deep dive interview. We chat 1-on-1 for 60–90 minutes, depending on how it goes, and we get some clarity on a few key things:

  • The direction you're headed (and where you want to go)
  • Your goals for your business
  • Uncover any hidden obstacles that may be standing in your way

A few days after the interview, we deliver your Online Strategy Breakthrough Report. This includes:

  • A summary of what we uncovered in our conversation
  • A high level assessment of your current challenges
  • Our plan and solution of how to solve those challenges

We go over the report with you in another short 1:1 meeting.

By the end of this micro-engagement, you'll have gone from not having any idea what to do, to having a clear path to take the next steps toward your goal.

Throughout the entire process, you get a sense of what it's like to work with us. At the same time, we can evaluate if you would benefit from our full program.

If we both agree that you'd be best served by enrolling in our program, we'll invite you to sign up. Your $500 investment in the Online Strategy Breakthrough will be applied to your enrollment in the program.

If either of us feels like we're not the right fit for each other, you'll still have the report and everything you learned over the course of the interview. You can take that to any decent web shop in the world, and they'll have a head start on helping you.

But, before we even get to the Online Strategy Breakthrough, we'll have a short chat to make sure you'd benefit from our time together. If so, we'll schedule a time and process your payment.


2. Let us guide you

Once you're in the program, we walk you through every step of the way in our done-with-you service. This includes:

  • developing a laser-focused profile of your ideal customer
  • mapping out a hero story that's going to attract the right prospects to you
  • building out your website and customer journey

...And a whole bunch of other stuff as well.

Interested in details, are you?


Our service is broken into three pillars. Within each pillar are multiple smaller steps. Every smaller step consists of:

  1. Video coaching/training on the topic at hand
  2. A worksheet for you to fill out
  3. Our feedback on your work
  4. ...which leads to either a round of revision from you (repeat steps 2 & 3), or moving on to the next step

Broadly, our three pillars are:

Pillar 1: Discover

A good marketing strategy starts with a solid assessment of where you're at now, and who precisely you serve.

We take a close look at your company, your customers, your market, and your competition.

We also lay the groundwork for the necessary technical things we'll eventually need, like a domain name (if needed) and hosting (if needed).

Pillar 2: Diagram

This is the most intensive part of our program.

We work with you to craft the story we're going to invite your visitors into. Then we map out the structure and content of the website, and how we're going to persuade people to engage in conversation with you.

Pillar 3: Do

Here's where you finally get to sit back and relax. We do the heavy lifting on our end of assembling a beautiful, functional website with the content we've created together.


3. Boost your profits and grow your business

This is the really fun part! Once we launch the new website and sales funnel, you get to increase your sales and broaden your impact.

You'll also have a brand new, more effective way of talking to your prospects. You'll know how to enter the conversation that's already going on in their head. And you can use that everywhere.

In person.

At events.

In any kind of marketing you might do.

For years to come.

Our Philosophy