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Frequently Asked Questions

We've been in business since 2008, and in that time we've seen it all!

Here are some of the questions we've been asked the most.
...OK, and answers too. No extra charge, this time.

Our winning personality?

...Naah, just kidding. We're a bunch of jerks. 🙂

We see a lot of the same sort of problem in the world of websites today. Namely, this is the "If you build it, they will come" mentality. Some of the loudest voices in the space tell you that all you have to do is put up some kind of website online, and customers will come pounding down your door and you'll be set for life.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What you need to do is put together a compelling story that's going to draw in your ideal customer; to enter the conversation that's going on in their head already.

This 10-minute video explains our overall philosophy on web marketing. You can also watch our free masterclass that goes into more detail and introduces you to our "done-with-you" model of service.

To wit: We're not in the website business. We're in the building your revenue business. (We just happen to use the web to do that)

It's the middle ground at the intersection of "affordable" and "premium results."

If you've watched our 10-minute intro video or attended our free masterclass on Why Small Business Websites Fail, you've heard us talk about our "done-with-you" approach.

It's the happy medium between "done-for-you" (aka premium: very little involvement on your end, but very high price point) and "do-it-yourself" (aka budget: very high involvement from you, and very low price point).

Over our 11+ years in business, we've distilled what we do down into a repeatable process. In our done-with-you model, we take you through that process step by step. There are training videos for each element, and a corresponding worksheet to fill out. We provide feedback and coaching around your submitted worksheets, guiding you toward the answers that are going to get us to that website that systematically turns strangers into friends, and friends into customers.

And there's always email support if you get stuck or have problems.

We don't throw a bunch of information at you and wish you luck, and we also don't charge rates that will require you to mortgage the house. Our approach means you get a $15,000-quality project for much less than that.

We generally recommend allocating 3–4 hours per week for going through the material and filling out the worksheets.

We find that the small businesses who need this marketing help the most are also the ones who can't afford the high-end done-for-you solution, so bear that in mind.

That being said, if you have more money than time, we can talk about working on a done-for-you basis. We do take on a limited number of those projects. Contact us to start the conversation.

You don't have to be! We don't expect you to come in and provide us with compelling marketing copy that's going to wow your visitors. Frankly, that's not your job.

What you do need to be able to do is answer questions. If you can do that, our paint-by-numbers process will result in rockstar copy that has your ideal customer saying, "Shut up and take my money!"

Never fear, we wouldn't ask you to design your website or try to figure out how to build it. Our team will handle that for you when it comes to that point.

The vast majority of the work is in the unsexy stuff like strategy and planning, and the secret sauce here is your expert insights into your clientele. When we've got that nailed, the actual building of the website is almost an afterthought.

More than a do-it-yourself course or a generic "brochure" site; less than a full service done-for-you project.

If you're interested in seeing if we're a good fit for your needs, book an Online Strategy Breakthrough call. We'll dig deep into where you are and what you need, and if it's a good fit we'll tell you about the program, and chat money too.

The traditional marketer's answer: it depends! 🙂

Because of the go-at-your-own-pace nature of our program, it's completely up to you how fast you move through the process.

On average, you can expect a timeline of about 8–12 weeks start to finish.

Excellent question. We find that our most successful clients have a few things in common:

  • In business for at least a couple of years (otherwise you very likely don't have the insights into your customers that you really need); 5 years or more is even better.
  • Company size somewhere in the range of 1–10 people
  • Professional service-based (as opposed to, say, ecommerce)
  • In business for the sake of making the world a better place in some way

If this all sounds like you, we might be just the answer you need. Book an Online Strategy Breakthrough call with us and we'll explore your needs, and if we're the right fit for you we'll tell you about our program.

There are three ways we can help when you're ready:

  1. Watch our short video on what your website is missing
  2. Watch our longer video on why small business websites fail (and how you can avoid making the same mistakes)
  3. Book an Online Strategy Breakthrough call with us to talk about your situation and your web needs, and see if we're a good fit for each other

Stop guessing and wasting money! Follow our process and start thriving today.