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Building a Website, Internet Marketing

OK, So I Need a Web Site

Last week we asked the rather unorthodox question: do you even need a Web site for your business? For the rest of this series, we’ll assume that you’ve decided that your hypothetical business does indeed need an equally hypothetical Web site. After all, if you decided you don’t need a site, there’s very little point… Read more

Building a Website, Internet Marketing

Do I Even Need a Web Site?

Imagine that you’re a new business owner looking at the prospect of building a Web site for your company. If you already are a new business owner, well, imagine you’ve also got a Tweety Bird Pez dispenser on your lap. Your first impulse might be, “I have to get a Web site built.” After all,… Read more

Building a Website, Technology

Pay Up!

Once you’ve decided on which platform to build your e-commerce venture on, you’ll also need to decide how you’ll accept payments for your stuff. The obvious answer is by credit card, but there are a few other possibilities to be aware of as well. Check/Money Order Some customers don’t like using their credit cards for… Read more

Building a Website, Technology

How to Sell My Stuff?

Last week we looked at the pros and cons of selling products online. In this and the rest of the posts in this series, we’ll assume you’ve made the decision to tackle e-commerce, and that you’re going to be selling through your own Web site as opposed to renting space on someone else’s site. Our… Read more