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Plug It In, Plug It In

Today’s lesson deals with an issue that is endemic to WordPress, so we’ll stray from our usual general-interest Web topics for just a moment and focus on this one issue on this one platform. A few weeks back we briefly alluded to a best practice on WordPress sites, concerning whether advanced functionality like e-commerce should… Read more

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No One Cares What Color You Like

Research. Strategy. Metrics. Conversion. These things are all important elements of building a successful Web site that will turn your visitors into paying customers. What’s dramatically less important is the business owner’s personal preferences. This is an actual (albeit paraphrased) conversation that took place recently between a client and one of MWD Web’s partner companies:… Read more

Web Design

Is Your Web Site Design Obsolete?

Last week we examined how a new, flat design aesthetic is sweeping the internet. Flat is definitely the flavor of the month. So what does this mean for your site designed in the 3-d, skeuomorphic style? Don’t Panic Let’s get this out of the way: your site does not need an urgent, complete makeover. Well,… Read more

Web Design

Is Flat the New 3-D?

Web design, like fashion, tends to follow trends and repeat itself over intervals of several years. In the beginning, when the internet was just computers sending text to each other, the design aesthetic was very flat. Text on a page, perhaps an image or two drawn in MacPaint. As computers’ graphics capabilities improved, we got… Read more

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Editing Your Pictures

In the last three weeks we’ve seen that it’s a very good idea to have pictures on your blog; looked at ways to think of unique and interesting images to use; and explored options for where to find said images. So now that you’ve got that perfect picture picked out, it’s time to get it… Read more

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Finding Your Pictures

In part three of our series on blog photos, we explore some options for obtaining those perfect photos. There are two broad choices: Take your own/hire a photographer Find a picture online Chances are you don’t have the time or the money for #1, so we’ll focus on #2. Finding photos online requires an analysis… Read more