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Misconceptions About WordPress

On Monday this week, the WordPress platform hit a milestone: it’s now been around for ten years! More impressive than that is the number of sites that are powered by the WordPress platform. Since its inception, it’s grown to a full-fledged content management system, capable of running your entire site. By some estimates, no less than… Read more


The Impotent Web Site Owner (a fable)

Last week we explored the main differences between various options you have when it comes to hosting for your site. At the bottom of the heap was shared hosting: limited, but adequate for many beginner sites. With your own shared hosting account, you still have control over your site – you can access all your… Read more


Choosing the Right Web Hosting Plan

Where’s your site hosted? Is it the same place your domain name is registered through? Is it the right hosting plan for your needs? Many new MWD Web clients don’t know the answers to these questions. This week, we look at the three main types of hosting account. By the end you’ll be able to… Read more

Internet Security, Technology

You’re Not Too Small to Fight Back

Last week we noted that small business Web sites are more and more often coming under attack. This week, a look at the objectives these hackers have, and ways to fight back. There are three main strategies the hackers are pursuing: going after customer data, credit card details, and bank account information (especially on e-commerce… Read more

Internet Security, Technology

You’re Not Too Small to Be Targeted

Hello, small business owners! Do you think that, because you’re small, no one’s ever going to hack your site? Think again. The reality is that your small size makes you even more likely to be attacked. According to a recent report by Symantec (the company behind Norton Anti-Virus and other security products), targeted attacks rose… Read more

Internet Security, Technology

Calling for Backup

Last week we looked at the benefits, indeed the necessity, of making regular backups of your site. This week we cover some more detailed advice on the whens and hows involved. Where Should I Keep My Backups? There are three basic choices for where you might store your backed-up site; some are better than others:… Read more

Building a Website, Technology

Save Your Clicks

2013 is keeping us plenty busy so far. That being the case, we’re looking at ways to maximize our use of time. In that spirit, today’s post is particularly relevant for us, and we hope it’s helpful for you as well. A few weeks ago we covered how you can quickly save your work on… Read more


Save It!

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. As a little holiday treat, here’s a quick WordPress tip that may be new to you. Did you know that it’s possible to save your edits to a page or post with a keyboard shortcut? Rather than moving your mouse all the way over to the Update button… Read more

Technology, Web Design

What is Responsive Design?

Last week we looked at the clear and present need to make your site mobile-friendly. And, we teasingly suggested that this week we’ll look at the most elegant way to accomplish that. Fear not, the wait is at an end! You have a variety of options for making your site mobile-friendly: Create a completely separate… Read more