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Say Hello to Evver

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest Web project, Evver. Evver is a Web service that turns your photos into fun slideshow videos set to music of your choice. MWD Web built the marketing side of the site, a WordPress build that integrates with Evver’s product side for a seamless user experience. The… Read more

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Cool New Features of WordPress 3.6

Things are a little hectic at MWD Web this week, so today’s post is a short one. We’re doggedly committed to posting every week, though, so by gum we’re going to post! The team of developers behind WordPress released their latest version, 3.6, earlier this month. We’ve had a few weeks now to play around… Read more

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Editing Your Pictures

In the last three weeks we’ve seen that it’s a very good idea to have pictures on your blog; looked at ways to think of unique and interesting images to use; and explored options for where to find said images. So now that you’ve got that perfect picture picked out, it’s time to get it… Read more

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Finding Your Pictures

In part three of our series on blog photos, we explore some options for obtaining those perfect photos. There are two broad choices: Take your own/hire a photographer Find a picture online Chances are you don’t have the time or the money for #1, so we’ll focus on #2. Finding photos online requires an analysis… Read more

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Pick the Right Pics

Your blog is unique, and it has a personality all its own. Right? We also know from last week that blogs with pictures are more engaging, and tend to have higher readership than those that are just flat text. Those things being true, it follows that you’ll want to have pictures on your blog. So… Read more

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Picture This

As you’re creating your blog, we know that having good quality content is the most important thing to consider. Google recently for webmasters to this effect. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that text isn’t everything when it comes to the actual reading experience of your blog. Pictures are essential to creating visual… Read more

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Misconceptions About WordPress

On Monday this week, the WordPress platform hit a milestone: it’s now been around for ten years! More impressive than that is the number of sites that are powered by the WordPress platform. Since its inception, it’s grown to a full-fledged content management system, capable of running your entire site. By some estimates, no less than… Read more

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A Solid Year of Blogging

As of this week, MWD Web has published a new blog post every single week, consistently, for the past year. 52 shiny, lovely posts. Hooray for us. But, more importantly, hooray for our site performance. We’ve gone from zero to hero with search engines, and seen our traffic steadily increase as we’ve gained traction and… Read more