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No One Cares What Color You Like

Research. Strategy. Metrics. Conversion. These things are all important elements of building a successful Web site that will turn your visitors into paying customers. What’s dramatically less important is the business owner’s personal preferences. This is an actual (albeit paraphrased) conversation that took place recently between a client and one of MWD Web’s partner companies:… Read more

Internet Marketing

What Is It That You Do, Exactly?

A while back we talked about the importance of having a clear call to action on the home page of your Web site. This is often a big button or a short form, encouraging users to sign up or contact you or whatnot. What’s also very important is to be very clear about what your… Read more

Building a Website, Internet Marketing

Do I Even Need a Web Site?

Imagine that you’re a new business owner looking at the prospect of building a Web site for your company. If you already are a new business owner, well, imagine you’ve also got a Tweety Bird Pez dispenser on your lap. Your first impulse might be, “I have to get a Web site built.” After all,… Read more

Building a Website

To Sell Online, or Not to Sell Online…

Anyone who owns a business is in the business of selling something. Be that a physical product, a digital product, a service, or what have you: sales is the name of the game. Today’s internet-powered life makes it easy for anyone to buy anything from anywhere in the world. You can go online and buy… Read more

Internet Marketing

LinkedIn’s 175 Million Members

According to a recent Mashable report, the business networking site LinkedIn now stands at more than 175 million members. () In numbers, that’s 175,000,000. Not as impressive as the national debt, but it’s still a pretty big number. So, what does this mean for businesses? Read more

Internet Marketing

Internet Traffic to Increase 4x by 2016

According to a recent report by Cisco, the internet is poised to quadruple in size within the next four years. Considering how large the internet is already, that’s a staggering figure. What does it mean to SMBs? With four times the amount of content out there, it will be more important than ever to stand… Read more