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Learn WordPress!

Have you ever wanted to learn about using WordPress, but you didn’t know where to go? Meet Smart Web Today! Smart Web Today offers a full-fledged course on how to go from zero Web presence to launching your own site, in 30 days or less. Go at your own pace! The courses are videos (recorded… Read more


Evver Named In Top 25 Websites

Remember Evver? We posted about it a couple months back, in our “Finished Projects” bucket. in case it doesn’t ring a bell, or view the spectacular case study. In any case, Evver was recently named as one of the top 25 Web Sites for December of 2013, by the site Tech Attend. That’s a nice… Read more

Web Design

Is Flat the New 3-D?

Web design, like fashion, tends to follow trends and repeat itself over intervals of several years. In the beginning, when the internet was just computers sending text to each other, the design aesthetic was very flat. Text on a page, perhaps an image or two drawn in MacPaint. As computers’ graphics capabilities improved, we got… Read more

News, Technology

Cool New Features of WordPress 3.6

Things are a little hectic at MWD Web this week, so today’s post is a short one. We’re doggedly committed to posting every week, though, so by gum we’re going to post! The team of developers behind WordPress released their latest version, 3.6, earlier this month. We’ve had a few weeks now to play around… Read more

Internet Marketing, Technology

Misconceptions About WordPress

On Monday this week, the WordPress platform hit a milestone: it’s now been around for ten years! More impressive than that is the number of sites that are powered by the WordPress platform. Since its inception, it’s grown to a full-fledged content management system, capable of running your entire site. By some estimates, no less than… Read more


Google’s Copyright Smackdown

The almighty Google announced recently that they’re tweaking their algorithm yet again. This time, they are cracking down on copyright violators. In practice, this relates mostly to things like movies, music, games, and related entertainment industry concerns. But, it also emphasizes the need for quality, original content on your site in order to be appealing… Read more

Internet Marketing

Internet Traffic to Increase 4x by 2016

According to a recent report by Cisco, the internet is poised to quadruple in size within the next four years. Considering how large the internet is already, that’s a staggering figure. What does it mean to SMBs? With four times the amount of content out there, it will be more important than ever to stand… Read more


Welcome to MWD Web

Welcome to the new site for MWD Web. Our parent company, Matt Weeden Design, LLC, was built as a Web design/development firm. MWD Web is all about the Web too, but we take a much broader approach than simple design and development. Read more