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Internet Marketing

A Solid Year of Blogging

As of this week, MWD Web has published a new blog post every single week, consistently, for the past year. 52 shiny, lovely posts. Hooray for us. But, more importantly, hooray for our site performance. We’ve gone from zero to hero with search engines, and seen our traffic steadily increase as we’ve gained traction and… Read more

Internet Marketing

Instant Google Love

If you aren’t yet convinced of the power of blogging, have a look at the following screenshot: Google loves blogs, and WordPress blogs in particular are set up to ping the major search engines once you’ve published new content. Check out the time stamp on this recent blog post. Google picked it up within a… Read more

Internet Marketing

As You SEO, So Shall You Reap

The topic of SEO is flying around everywhere these days, it seems. Everyone wants to be #1 on Google. Everyone wants to be there as soon as possible. There are two things, though, to keep in mind. 1. SEO, done correctly, takes time. Thanks to recent updates to the algorithm, Google is now on the… Read more

Internet Marketing

My, What a Big Footprint You Have!

Last week we mentioned that creating a nice, big digital footprint can help you get found more easily online. This week, we follow up with an in-depth look at what that means. The art of SEO has shifted from identifying keywords and stuffing your site with them, to being the most relevant in your world.… Read more


Google’s Copyright Smackdown

The almighty Google announced recently that they’re tweaking their algorithm yet again. This time, they are cracking down on copyright violators. In practice, this relates mostly to things like movies, music, games, and related entertainment industry concerns. But, it also emphasizes the need for quality, original content on your site in order to be appealing… Read more

Internet Marketing

4 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Site

By now, most marketing professionals are familiar with the concept of inbound marketing vs. outbound. Briefly, outbound marketing sends your message out to prospects who don’t necessarily want to hear it. Think cold calling, trade shows, billboards, etc. Inbound marketing, conversely, involves drawing visitors in. This automatically results in prospects who are pre-qualified: they choose… Read more

Internet Marketing

Content is King, Emperor, President…

We’ve all heard the mantra, ‘content is king.’ These days, that’s more true than ever. Why? 1. Search Engines Do the words “Panda” or “Penguin” mean anything to you? These are two of the latest tweaks to Google’s algorithm, which are in part aimed at cutting down on the amount of SEO spammers who make it… Read more