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Building a Website, Internet Marketing

OK, So I Need a Web Site

Last week we asked the rather unorthodox question: do you even need a Web site for your business? For the rest of this series, we’ll assume that you’ve decided that your hypothetical business does indeed need an equally hypothetical Web site. After all, if you decided you don’t need a site, there’s very little point… Read more

Web Design

Is Your Web Site Design Obsolete?

Last week we examined how a new, flat design aesthetic is sweeping the internet. Flat is definitely the flavor of the month. So what does this mean for your site designed in the 3-d, skeuomorphic style? Don’t Panic Let’s get this out of the way: your site does not need an urgent, complete makeover. Well,… Read more

Web Design

Is Flat the New 3-D?

Web design, like fashion, tends to follow trends and repeat itself over intervals of several years. In the beginning, when the internet was just computers sending text to each other, the design aesthetic was very flat. Text on a page, perhaps an image or two drawn in MacPaint. As computers’ graphics capabilities improved, we got… Read more


Say Hello to Evver

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest Web project, Evver. Evver is a Web service that turns your photos into fun slideshow videos set to music of your choice. MWD Web built the marketing side of the site, a WordPress build that integrates with Evver’s product side for a seamless user experience. The… Read more

News, Technology

Cool New Features of WordPress 3.6

Things are a little hectic at MWD Web this week, so today’s post is a short one. We’re doggedly committed to posting every week, though, so by gum we’re going to post! The team of developers behind WordPress released their latest version, 3.6, earlier this month. We’ve had a few weeks now to play around… Read more

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