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Internet Marketing

This Is What We Do, Exactly

Last week we saw how confusing, vague and conflicting messaging can sink your online marketing pitch. What’s the answer? Straightforward, clear, to-the-point messaging! Compare this week’s photo with last week’s. Here’s a reminder of last week’s: This week’s photo is the same shot on a clear day. NOW it’s recognizable! Our goal is to do… Read more

Internet Marketing

What Is It That You Do, Exactly?

A while back we talked about the importance of having a clear call to action on the home page of your Web site. This is often a big button or a short form, encouraging users to sign up or contact you or whatnot. What’s also very important is to be very clear about what your… Read more

Building a Website, Internet Marketing

OK, So I Need a Web Site

Last week we asked the rather unorthodox question: do you even need a Web site for your business? For the rest of this series, we’ll assume that you’ve decided that your hypothetical business does indeed need an equally hypothetical Web site. After all, if you decided you don’t need a site, there’s very little point… Read more

Building a Website, Internet Marketing

Do I Even Need a Web Site?

Imagine that you’re a new business owner looking at the prospect of building a Web site for your company. If you already are a new business owner, well, imagine you’ve also got a Tweety Bird Pez dispenser on your lap. Your first impulse might be, “I have to get a Web site built.” After all,… Read more

Web Design

Is Your Web Site Design Obsolete?

Last week we examined how a new, flat design aesthetic is sweeping the internet. Flat is definitely the flavor of the month. So what does this mean for your site designed in the 3-d, skeuomorphic style? Don’t Panic Let’s get this out of the way: your site does not need an urgent, complete makeover. Well,… Read more

Internet Marketing, Web Design

Pick the Right Pics

Your blog is unique, and it has a personality all its own. Right? We also know from last week that blogs with pictures are more engaging, and tend to have higher readership than those that are just flat text. Those things being true, it follows that you’ll want to have pictures on your blog. So… Read more

Internet Marketing

A Solid Year of Blogging

As of this week, MWD Web has published a new blog post every single week, consistently, for the past year. 52 shiny, lovely posts. Hooray for us. But, more importantly, hooray for our site performance. We’ve gone from zero to hero with search engines, and seen our traffic steadily increase as we’ve gained traction and… Read more

Internet Marketing


Imagine going in to give a sales pitch to a big prospect. You march in, talk about your company for ten minutes, favor them with your most winning smile, and then immediately leave the building. You don’t allow them to ask questions, and you don’t ask them if they’d like to do business with you.… Read more