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Own Your Plugins (Rather Than Vice Versa)

Last time we looked at why you want to rely on plugins for adding functionality to your WordPress site, rather than letting your theme do the heavy lifting for you. Flexibility is the word! At the same time, it’s very easy to go plugin-happy and install way more than you need on your site. Every… Read more

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This Is What We Do, Exactly

Last week we saw how confusing, vague and conflicting messaging can sink your online marketing pitch. What’s the answer? Straightforward, clear, to-the-point messaging! Compare this week’s photo with last week’s. Here’s a reminder of last week’s: This week’s photo is the same shot on a clear day. NOW it’s recognizable! Our goal is to do… Read more

Internet Marketing

Take 2… Action!

Last week we looked at how it’s very very important to have a clear call to action (CTA) on your site. To recap, you need to have a way to encourage your visitors to take action while on your site: buying your product, filling out your contact form, or whatever the first domino is to… Read more

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Imagine going in to give a sales pitch to a big prospect. You march in, talk about your company for ten minutes, favor them with your most winning smile, and then immediately leave the building. You don’t allow them to ask questions, and you don’t ask them if they’d like to do business with you.… Read more

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As You SEO, So Shall You Reap

The topic of SEO is flying around everywhere these days, it seems. Everyone wants to be #1 on Google. Everyone wants to be there as soon as possible. There are two things, though, to keep in mind. 1. SEO, done correctly, takes time. Thanks to recent updates to the algorithm, Google is now on the… Read more

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Track your Web site!

As we’ve said elsewhere, it’s important to keep tabs on your site. More than just keeping up with content, however, you also need to know how well it’s performing. Enter analytics. There are free and paid options for analytics, and for many organizations the default go-to solution of Google Analytics (free) suffices. The important thing… Read more


Google’s Copyright Smackdown

The almighty Google announced recently that they’re tweaking their algorithm yet again. This time, they are cracking down on copyright violators. In practice, this relates mostly to things like movies, music, games, and related entertainment industry concerns. But, it also emphasizes the need for quality, original content on your site in order to be appealing… Read more